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Fully Solvated, Monomeric Re(II) Complexes: Insights into the Chemistry of [Re(NCCH3)6]2+

submitted on 21.09.2020, 07:51 and posted on 21.09.2020, 13:18 by Robin Bolliger, Giuseppe Meola, Henrik Braband, Olivier Blacque, lukas siebenmann, Qaisar Nadeem, Roger Alberto
The chemistry of rhenium complexes covers oxidation state +VII to -I. Some oxidation states such as +II are only rarely found in literature. One of the reasons is the lack of a suitable stable precursor for the oxidation state +II. However, we have developed a two step synthesis to the fully solvated Re(+II) complex [Re(NCCH3)6]2+ from [ReO4]- via the rhenium bis-arene complex [Re(C10H8)2]+. This fully solvated Re(+II) was fully characterized by various spectroscopic manners, cyclic voltammetry, and X-Ray diffraction analysis. Its potential as a precursor for Re(+II) chemistry was explored with various substitutions reactions with phosphines and halides, and the obtained products were as well fully characterized.


The authors acknowledge financial support from the University of Zurich Research Priority Project “Light to Chemical Energy Conversion”.


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