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Fucosylated Ubiquitin and Orthogonally Glycosylated Mutant A28C: Conceptually New Ligands for Burkholderia Ambifaria Lectin (BambL)†

submitted on 12.07.2020, 16:13 and posted on 14.07.2020, 04:41 by Cristina Nativi, Sakonwan Kuhaudomlarp, Linda Cerofolini, Sabrina Santarsia, Emilie Gillon, Silvia Fallarini, Grazia Lombardi, Maxime Denis, Stefano Giuntini, Carolina Valori, Marco Fragai, Anne Imberty, Alessandro Dondoni
Ubiquitin as scaffold protein and aryl-α-O-fucoside as determinant to achieve conceptually new ligands with high affinity for Burkholderia ambifaria lectin are described.
Ub mutant A28C which displays a Cys residue in addition to the eight Lys residues was expressed.
The resulting scaffold was orthogonally glycosylated
to display one thio-rhamnose and up to eight residues of aryl-α-O-fucoside.
The glycosylated Ub-based scaffolds have unprecedented immune properties.


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