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Flexible and Responsive Nature of 2D Layered Conductive Metal-Organic Frameworks Determine Their Catalytic Activity in Oxidative Dehydrogenation of Propane

submitted on 10.09.2020, 00:40 and posted on 10.09.2020, 08:31 by Mohammad R. Momeni, Zeyu Zhang, Farnaz A. Shakib
A multi-faceted approach is introduced for investigating the effects of intrinsic and guest(water)-induced structural transformations/deformations and heterogeneity on catalytic activity of the 2D π-stacked layered Co3(HTTP)2, HTTP = hexathiotriphenylene, metal-organic framework. Through comprehensive molecular dynamics simulations coupled with periodic and cluster electronic structure calculations, we uncover a complex array of catalytically active sites in 2D Co3(HTTP)2 MOF which would have been entirely missed if conventional static electronic structure methods were to be employed.


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