Ferromagnetic Chain Based on Verdazyl-Nitroxide Diradical

Verdazyl-nitroxide diradicals were synthesized using the palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction of the corresponding iodoverdazyls with a nitronyl nitroxide-2-ide gold(I) complex with high yields (up to 82%). The synthesized diradicals were found to be highly thermally stable and have a singlet (DEST » -64 cm–1) or triplet ground state (DEST ³ 25 and 100 cm–1), depending on which canonical hydrocarbon diradical type they belong to. Upon crystallization, triplet diradicals form unique one-dimensional (1D) spin S = 1 chains of organic diradicals with intrachain ferromagnetic coupling of J′/kB from 3 to 6 K.