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Fast Treatment of Noncovalent Packing Using Dispersion-Corrected Harris Approximate Density Functional Theory

submitted on 15.08.2017, 18:57 and posted on 16.08.2017, 20:46 by Andrey B. Sharapov, Geoffrey Hutchison

The formation of molecular aggregates and assemblies is an important process across chemistry, biology, and materials science. In applications such as crystal structure prediction, a balance between high accuracy and computational speed is highly desirable. We present a new method for predicting approximate bimolecular potential curves using dispersion-corrected Harris approximate-density functional theory and an improved estimate of the bimolecular electron density. Our results on benzene dimer and thiophene dimer yield potential energy curves within a few percent of MP2 theory and a speedup of ~10x over conventional density functional methods. The code is highly parallel and gives greater speedups on larger systems and basis sets.



  • Computational chemistry and modeling

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