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Fast Polymeric Functionalization Approach for the Covalent Coating of MoS2 Layers

submitted on 26.02.2021, 11:46 and posted on 01.03.2021, 04:54 by Iván Gómez-Muñoz, Sofiane Laghouati, Ramón Torres-Cavanillas, Marc Morant-Giner, Alicia Forment-Aliaga, Dr. Mónica Giménez Marqués
We present the covalent coating of chemically exfoliated molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) based on the polymerization of functional acryl molecules. The method relies on the efficient diazonium anchoring reaction to provoke the in situ radical polymerization and covalent adhesion of functional coatings. In particular, we successfully implement hydrophobicity on the exfoliated MoS2 in a direct, fast, and quantitative synthetic approach. This approach represents a simple and general protocol to reach dense and homogeneous functional coatings on 2D materials.


Spanish MICINN (Grant MAT2017–89993–R)

Spanish MICINN (Excellence Unit María de Maeztu MDM–2015–0538

Generalitat Valenciana (SEJI2020/036)

"la Caixa" Foundation (LCF/BQ/PI19/11690022)

Ramón y Cajal Contract (RYC–2019–027902–I)


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