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Evidence of Nanostructure Development from the Molecular Dynamics of Poly(pentamethylene 2,5- Furanoate)

submitted on 05.10.2020, 07:43 and posted on 06.10.2020, 05:04 by Daniel E Martínez-Tong, Michelina Soccio, Beatriz Robles-Hernández, Giulia Guidotti, Massimo Gazzano, Nadia Lotti, Angel Alegria

We report on the molecular origin of poly(pentamethylene 2,5-furanoate) particular physical properties. From the structural point of view we found this polymer can develop crystallinity when stored at room conditions for months. On the other hand, we used broadband dielectric spectroscopy (BDS) measurements, to analyze in very detail the local and segmental molecular dynamics of the material subjected to several thermal treatments. In this way we evidenced that the molecular dynamics are sensitive to thermal history over a broad temperature range. This behavior has been attributed to possible inter-chain interactions detected via infrared spectroscopy and rheology measurements in the non-crystallized polymer.


PGC2018-094548-B-I00 (MCIU/ AEI/FEDER, UE)

IT-1175-19 (Basque Government)

IJCI- 27 2017-31600 (MCIU)

EUSMI, H2020-INFRAIA- 2016-1, PROJECT 731019

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