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Evaluation of PC12 Cell Neural Differentiation on Graphene Coated ITO Microchips.pdf (766.45 kB)

Evaluation of PC12 Cell Neural Differentiation on Graphene Coated ITO Microchips

submitted on 08.10.2020, 11:50 and posted on 08.10.2020, 12:15 by Tansu Golcez, Fikri seven, Ozan Karaman, Mustafa Sen
In this study, the impact of graphene on neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells into neuron-like cells was evaluated in conjunction with electrical stimuli. First, an ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) microchip with a certain number of electrodes was fabricated using photolithography and then a chemically synthesized graphene was coated on the microchip. The electrical stimulation was applied through the ITO-microchip. Following optimization of neuronal differentiation conditions, the effect of AC and DC electrical stimulation on both bare and graphene-coated ITO-microchips for neuronal differentiation was investigated. According to the results, it was observed that electrical stimulation with direct current for 30 minutes caused a large degree of neuronal cell differentiation on the graphene coated ITO-microchips. The results were also verified by real-time qPCR.


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