Establishment and Validation of a Drug-Target Microarray for SARS-CoV-2

2020-05-27T10:40:31Z (GMT) by Peng Chen Zehua Zeng Hongwu Du

COVID-19 has become one of the worst epidemic in the world, currently already more than four million people have been infected, which probably co-exist with human beings, and has a significant impact on the global economy and political order. In the process of fighting against the epidemic in China, the clinical value of a variety of herbal medicines has been recognized and written into the clinical application guide. However, their effective molecular mechanism and potential targets are still not clear. Pathology and pharmacology research will gradually attract attention in the post-epidemic outbreak term. Here, we constructed a COVID-19 protein microarray of potential therapy targets, which contains the main drug targets to the SARS-COV-2 virus and the anti-virus, anti-inflammatory cellar targets of the host. Series of quality controls test has been carried out, which showed that it could be applied for drug target screening of bio-active natural products. The establishment of this microarray will provide a useful tool for the study of the molecular pharmacology of natural products.