Enantioselective Lewis Base Catalyzed Phosphonyldifluoromethylation of Allylic Fluorides Using C-Silyl Latent Pronucleophile

2020-03-19T05:54:25Z (GMT) by You Zi Markus Lange Ivan Vilotijevic
The first enantioselective phosphonyldifluoromethylation is enabled by the use of diethyl (difluoro(trimethylsilyl)methyl)pho-sphonate reagent as a latent pronuclephile in Lewis base catalyzed substitution of allylic fluorides. The reactions proceed as kinetic resolution to produce both the difluoromethylphosphonate products and the remaining fluorides in good yields and with high stereoselectivity. The use of cinchona based alkaloid catalysts enables the facile synthesis of both enantiomers of the difluoromethylphosphonate products.