Enantioselective Chromatographic Analysis of Formoterol Fumarate using Chiral Mobile Phase Additives and Achiral Core-Shell Column

2020-07-02T11:44:08Z (GMT) by Pranav Pathak Krishnapriya Mohanraj

A simple, robust, cost-effective, and rapid RP-HPLC method was developed for the separation of enantiomers of formoterol. The separation was achieved by the chiral mobile phase additive technique on an achiral column. Formoterol is a bronchodilator that consists of 50:50 S, S-formoterol and R, R-formoterol. The bronchodilator activity is attributed to R, R-formoterol. Hence, it is important to develop a method to separate the enantiomers of formoterol. Various factors affecting enantiomeric resolution were investigated and optimized. The enantiomers of formoterol were successfully separated with a resolution of 2.57 with a run-time of 9 minutes. The method was validated in accordance with ICH guidelines. The validated method was successfully applied to the marketed formulation of arformoterol.