Enabling Indium Channels for Mass Cytometry by Using Reinforced Cyclambased Chelating Polylysine

A metal containing polymer (MCP) based on a polylysine functionalized by In(III) chelates was synthesized. The chelator is based on a constrained dipicolinate cyclam that forms a highly inert In(III) complex. The MCP was conjugated to anti CD20 antibody using the very strong neutravidin/biotin interaction. Two cell lines, one expressing CD20 the other not, were stained with the modified antibody and analysed by mass cytometry using the In-115 channel. The results showed a specific antigen-antibody recognition and images by mass cytometry imaging could be obtained thanks to In-115 detection. Finally, overtime stability tests of the bioconjugate as well as multiplex experiments using the In-115 channel underline the high potentiel of this new In based MCP.