Electrochemical Characteristics of BIS 2062 Carbon Steel Under Simulated Ocean Acidification Scenario

2020-06-08T10:51:49Z (GMT) by K R DEVIKA P MUHAMED ASHRAF
Dear Professor,

I am herewith enclosing a research paper entitled “Electrochemical characteristics of BIS 2062 carbon steel under simulated ocean acidification scenario.” authored by Devika KR, and me.

The research paper highlights the behavior of carbon steel in acidified natural seawater. Ocean acidification is a burning issue under climate change. Several studies have undertaken to understand the behavior marine organisms and marine environment. No studies have initiated regarding the deterioration of materials due to ocean acidification. Large number of materials were deployed in the ocean with different objectives. These materials are under risk as the ocean acidification continues. We believe this is the first attempt to study the impact of ocean acidification on carbon steel.

The study conducted to evaluate the impact of ocean acidification on BIS 2062 boat building steel. The results showed that the carbon steel will deteriorate 2 to 3 times higher when pH was changed from 8.05 to 7.90. The data highlights the immediate need to redesign the marine materials within 1-2 decade. The paper also highlights the possible mechanism of deterioration under different pH scenario.

Thanking you