Electrochemical Cell Equipment for Salinity Gradient Power Generation

2017-09-07T20:42:46Z (GMT) by Arijit Bag
Extraction of electricity from the salinity gradient of sea water-river water interface has drawn the key interest of sustainable energy researchers. Different technologies are in the spot light − such as pressure retarded osmosis, reverse electrodialysis, ionic diode membrane, mixing entropy battery, microbial fuel cell, etc. In the present work, electrochemical cell equipment is used for this purpose. Two different techniques are described − galvanic cell equipment (GCEQ) and concentration cell equipment (CCEQ). It is observed that, the extracted energy density is very high (up to 95 W m−2 ) compared with the other methods of the same kind reported so far. Implementation of these methods is trivial. Thus, we may conclude that present method will fulfill our requirement of sustainable energy resource.