Electric Field Driven Interlayer Polarization Effects in Ferromagnetic 2D Van Der Waals Graphene/CrBr3 Heterostructure

2019-06-27T14:30:52Z (GMT) by Sushant Kumar Behera Pritam Deb
2D vdW heterostructures are realized promising in nano-electronics due to their tunable electronic and magnetic behaviour. Modelling of ferromagnet/non-metal combination is worth to study electronic properties. We studied external electric field tuned electronic structure and magnetic moment variation in the framework of ferromagnetic ground state ordering non-spin interaction. The heterostructure system exhibits tenability in electronic bandgap. Similarly, the magnetic moment shows minor fluctuation in its value due to interlayer polarization. This is beneficial to be extended further for interesting quantum behaviour of phase change and suitability of the system in electronic device applications.