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Preparation and Modification of Natural Rubber Blends For Water Purification Treatment Usage_v2.pdf (1.68 MB)

Preparation and modification of natural rubber blends for water purification treatment usage

revised on 01.10.2020 and posted on 01.10.2020 by Wenfa Dong, Ruogu Tang
The water industry used NR was selected for blending with SBR. A series of NR/SBR vulcanizates were prepared through three different vulcanization systems, conventional vulcanization (CV), effective vulcanization (EV) and semi-effective vulcanization (SEV) respectively, basing on each formulation and optimum curing time. We examined the mechanical properties of NR/SBR vulcanizates including tensile strength, tear strength, elongation at break, modulus, Shore A hardnessand and relative volume abrasion. The results indicated that NR/SBR vulcanizates prepared in different systems differed in mechanical properties. Vulcanizates prepared via CV showed higher tensile and tear strength; vulcanizates prepared via EV had high modulus and hardness, and vulcanizates prepared via SEV performed high abrasion resistance.


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