Effect of Bimetallic Doping in Cobalt Titanate for Methane Reforming

2019-06-06T16:07:32Z (GMT) by Disha Jain

Supported Ni catalysts are extensively studied for methane reforming due to their high catalytic activity and low cost. However, these catalysts undergo deactivation due to coke deposition and oxidation of Ni particles. In the present work, Ni and Pt substituted CoTiO3 were synthesized and studied for steam (SRM) and dry (DRM) reforming of methane. The catalytic activity of monometallic and bimetallic Ni-Pt catalyst was compared for SRM and reducibility studies were done to highlight the change in metal-support interaction in the synthesized samples. Ex situ and in situ characterization were performed to understand the change in catalyst surface and the nature of surface intermediates formed during the reaction. Consequently, surface reaction mechanism was proposed and kinetic parameters were determined by fitting experimental data.