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EHreact: Extended Hasse Diagrams for the Extraction and Scoring of Enzymatic Reaction Templates

submitted on 02.06.2021, 00:57 and posted on 03.06.2021, 05:28 by Esther Heid, Samuel Goldman, Karthik Sankaranarayanan, Connor W. Coley, Christoph Flamm, William H. Green
Data-driven computer-aided synthesis planning utilizing organic or biocatalyzed reactions from large databases has gained increasing interest in the last decade, sparking the development of numerous tools to extract, apply and score general reaction templates. The generation of reaction rules for enzymatic reactions is especially challenging, since substrate promiscuity varies between enzymes, causing the optimal levels of rule specificity and optimal number of included atoms to differ between enzymes. This complicates an automated extraction from databases and has promoted the creation of manually curated reaction rule sets. Here we present EHreact, a purely data-driven open-source software tool to extract and score reaction rules from sets of reactions known to be catalyzed by an enzyme at appropriate levels of specificity without expert knowledge. EHreact extracts and groups reaction rules into tree-like structures, Hasse diagrams, based on common substructures in the imaginary transition structures. Each diagram can be utilized to output a single or a set of reaction rules, as well as calculate the probability of a new substrate to be processed by the given enzyme by inferring information about the reactive site of the enzyme from the known reactions and their grouping in the template tree. EHreact heuristically predicts the activity of a given enzyme on a new substrate, outperforming current approaches in accuracy and functionality.


Computer-aided design of multi-enzyme networks

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