Divergent Total Syntheses of Enmein-Type Natural Products: (–)-Enmein, (–)-Isodocarpin and (–)-Sculponin R

2018-04-04T12:18:33Z (GMT) by Guangbin Dong Saiyong Pan Sicong Chen
Divergent total syntheses of enmein-type natural products, (–)-enmein, (–)-isodocarpin and (–)-sculponin R, have been achieved in a concise fashion. Key features of the strategy include (a) an efficient early-stage cage formation to control succeeding diastereoselectivity, (b) an one-pot acylation/akylation/lactonization to construct the C-ring and C8 quarternary center, (c) a reductive alkenylation approach to construct enmain D/E rings and (d) a flexible route to allow divergent syntheses of three natural products.