Discussion on Quartic Autocatalytic Kind of Chemical Reaction

2019-04-23T19:44:33Z (GMT) by Isaac L. Animasaun
The significance of chemical reaction is inevitable and there exist many kinds in real life. Recently, the concept of quartic autocatalytic kind of chemical reaction was appraised (Refs. [10] – [16]). It is worth remarking that the concept had been wrongly used in a recently published paper. To avoid confusion, this unpublished paper is presented for clarification. In the report “entropy optimization and quartic autocatalysis in MHD chemically reactive stagnation point flow of Sisko nanomaterial, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 127, 829837”, the author investigated cubic autocatalytic kind of chemical reaction between non-Newtonian Sisko fluid and two molecules of catalyst situated at the surface. However, in three different places including the title, the author claimed that the reaction is quartic autocatalysis.