Direct Read and Quantify Damage Nucleotide from an Oligonucleotide Using a Single Molecule Interface

DNA lesion such as metholcytosine(mC), 8-OXO-guanine(OG), inosine(I) etc could cause the genetic diseases. Identification of the varieties of lesion bases are usually beyond the capability of conventional DNA sequencing which is mainly designed to discriminate four bases only. Therefore, lesion detection remain challenge due to the massive varieties and less distinguishable readouts for minor structural variations. Moreover, standard amplification and labelling hardly works in DNA lesions detection. Herein, we designed a single molecule interface from the mutant K238Q Aerolysin, whose confined sensing region shows the high compatible to capture and then directly convert each base lesion into distinguishable current readouts. Compared with previous single molecule sensing interface, the resolution of the K238Q Aerolysin nanopore is enhanced by 2-order. The novel K238Q could direct discriminate at least 3 types (mC, OG, I) lesions without lableing and quantify modification sites under mixed hetero-composition condition of oligonucleotide. Such nanopore could be further applied to diagnose genetic diseases at high sensitivity.