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Direct Observation of Chain Lengths and Conformations in Oligofluorene Distributions from Controlled Polymerization by Double Electron-Electron Resonance

submitted on 18.10.2019, 13:46 and posted on 22.10.2019, 21:40 by Dennis Bücker, Annika Sickinger, Julian D. Ruiz Perez, Manuel Oestringer, Stefan Mecking, Malte Drescher
Synthetic polymers are mixtures of different length chains, and their chain length and chain conformation is often experimentally characterized by ensemble averages. We demonstrate that Double-Electron-Electron-Resonance (DEER) spectroscopy can reveal the chain length distribution, and chain conformation and flexibility of the individual n-mers in oligo-(9,9-dioctylfluorene) from controlled Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Polymerization (cSMCP). The required spin-labeled chain ends were introduced efficiently via a TEMPO-substituted initiator and chain terminating agent, respectively, with an in situ catalyst system. Individual precise chain length oligomers as reference materials were obtained by a stepwise approach. Chain length distribution, chain conformation and flexibility can also be accessed within poly(fluorene) nanoparticles.


SFB 1214:  Anisotropic Particles as Building Blocks: Tailoring Shape, Interactions and Structures

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