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Detection of Cardiac Biomarker Troponin (cTnI) with Enhanced Immune Sensitivity using a Single Monoclonal Antibody

submitted on 21.04.2020, 13:23 and posted on 22.04.2020, 12:31 by Anıl Bozdogan, Reham F. El-kased, Vanessa Jungbluth3, Wolfgang Knoll, Jakub Dostalek, Amal Kasry

This work reports on using surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence (SPFS) assay for the sensitive detection of cTnI at clinically relevant concentrations, using only one monoclonal antibody specific for one epitope. Moreover, it attempts to elucidate the role of the biointerface design by combined SPR and SPFS study in order to optimize the assay performance characteristics. This study is supported by protein modelling in order to visualize the dependence of the epitopes exposure on the protein orientation, which plays a significant role and it may provide important insights into the future development of cTnI immunoassays for accurate screening of CVD at early stage.


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