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Comparison of Numerical and Analytical Approaches for Simulating Purely Sinusoidal Voltammetry

submitted on 30.04.2021, 14:20 and posted on 03.05.2021, 07:42 by Henry Lloyd-Laney, Martin Robinson, Alison Parkin, David Gavaghan
In this paper we present a comparison of two mathematical techniques for simulating the behaviour of a surface-confined single-electron redox process when interrogated with a large amplitude sine-wave. The two simulation methods are an analytical approximation proposed by Bell and co-authors, and a numerical solution that we have previously used to analyse such single-electron processes. We show that the techniques are in good agreement, allowing for the limitations imposed by the construction of the analytical model. We also compare two different parameter inference approaches proposed for the respective simulation techniques.


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Dynamic electrochemistry with Bayesian inference

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