Comment on ‘Multilayered Stable 2D Nano-Sheets of Ti2NTx MXene: Synthesis, Characterization, and Anticancer Activity’

A recent article entitled “Multilayered stable 2D nano-sheets of Ti2NTx MXene: synthesis, characterization, and anticancer activity” published in this journal, claimed that two-dimensional Ti2NTx MXene could be synthesized by selectively etching Ti2AlN in concentrated hydrofluoric acid at room temperature. However, the X-ray diffraction pattern of Ti2NTx MXene reported in that paper is completely different with those of other MXenes. In this comment, it is argued that the samples synthesized in that paper were NOT Ti2NTx MXene at all. Although carbide MXenes can be made by selectively etching A layers from MAX phase, it is very difficult or impossible to make nitride MXenes (Ti2NTx) by the same way.