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Co-crystals of Praziquantel: Discovery by Network-Based Link Prediction

revised on 19.02.2021, 07:38 and posted on 19.02.2021, 09:30 by Jan-Joris Devogelaer, Maxime D. Charpentier, Arnoud Tijink, Valérie Dupray, Gérard Coquerel, Karen Johnston, Hugo Meekes, Paul Tinnemans, Elias Vlieg, Joop H. ter Horst, Rene de Gelder
In this study, co-crystals for Praziquantel (PZQ), an anthelmintic drug used to treat schistosomiasis, are predicted with network-based link prediction. Single crystals of twelve co-crystal indications were grown and subjected to a structural analysis with single-crystal X-ray diffraction.


Continuous Resolution and Deracemization of Chiral Compounds by Crystallization

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