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Chemical Reaction Spectrum

submitted on 23.10.2018, 10:48 and posted on 23.10.2018, 14:00 by Jianchao Lee, Jianghong Li, Qiannan Duan, Sifan Bi, Ruen Luo, Yachao Lian, Ruixing Tian, Jiayuan Chen, Guodong Ma, Fenli Liu, Yunjin Feng
We proposed a new method of chemical reaction spectrum (CRS) in terms of chemical characterization, and established a method to fulfill it by combining with 3D chemical printing technology and 2D sampling. The CRS can provide a graphical data set for pure or mixed substances, which can comprehensively describe the reaction characteristics of the research object. Compared with common characterization methods (NMR, UV/vis, IR, Raman, GC or LC), it is more capable of revealing chemical behaviors enough, and is much lower in cost. It is expected to be an important data acquisition approach for the application of artificial intelligence in the field of chemistry in the future.


the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.50309011) and the Scientific Research Foundation for the Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars (08501041585)


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