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Catalyst-Free Polymerization with 100% Atom Economy: Facile Synthesis of Polysulfonates with Multifunctionalities

submitted on 29.10.2020, 13:42 and posted on 30.10.2020, 13:28 by XIAOLIN LIU, Xin Liang, YUBING HU, Qing Qu, Dongming Liu, Haotian Bai, Anjun Qin, Jacky W. Y. Lam, Ryan Tsz Kin Kwok, Lei Han, Ben Zhong Tang
Catalyst-free spontaneous polymerization for the synthesis of halogen-rich polysulfonates at room temperature in air with 100% atom economy in high yields was developed. The resulting polymers possess various properties, including post-functionalization, extraordinarily high refractive index, visible photodegradation, photoacid generation, multi-color and 3D fluorescent photopatterning, and practical broad-spectrum antibacterial activity.


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