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COVID-KOP: Integrating Emerging COVID-19 Data with the ROBOKOP Database

submitted on 11.06.2020, 03:50 and posted on 18.06.2020, 21:56 by Daniel Korn, Tesia Bobrowski, Michael Li, Yaphet Kebede, Patrick Wang, Phillips Owen, Gaurav Vaidya, Eugene Muratov, Rada Chirkova, Cristopher Bizon, Alexander Tropsha

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we established COVID-KOP, a new knowledgebase integrating the existing ROBOKOP biomedical knowledge graph with information from recent biomedical literature on COVID-19 annotated in the CORD-19 collection. COVID-KOP can be used effectively to test new hypotheses concerning repurposing of known drugs and clinical drug candidates against COVID-19. COVID-KOP is freely accessible at For code and instructions for the original ROBOKOP, see:


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