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CAP-EOM-CCSD Method with Smooth Voronoi CAP for Metastable Electronic States in Molecular Clusters

submitted on 18.09.2020, 20:36 and posted on 21.09.2020, 10:16 by James Gayvert, Ksenia Bravaya
The complex absorbing potential (CAP) approach offers a practical tool for characterization of energies and lifetimes of metastable electronic states, such as temporary anions and core ionized states. Here, we present an implementation of the smooth Voronoi CAP combined with equation-of-motion coupled cluster with single and double substitutions method for metastable states. The performance of the smooth Voronoi and a standard box CAPs is compared for different classes of systems: resonances in isolated molecules and in molecular clusters. The results of the benchmark calculations indicate that the choice of the CAP shape should be guided by the character of the metastable states. While Voronoi CAPs yield stable results in the case of a resonance localized on one molecule, their performance in the cases of states delocalized over two or more molecular species can deteriorate due to the CAP leaking into the vacuum region between the moieties.


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