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Branched Kissing Loops for the Construction of Diverse RNA Homooligomeric Nanostructures

submitted on 13.03.2019, 15:19 and posted on 14.03.2019, 15:42 by Di Liu, Cody Geary, Gang Chen, Yaming Shao, Mo Li, Chengde Mao, Ebbe S. Andersen, Joseph A. Piccirilli, Paul W. K. Rothemund, Yossi Weizmann
This study presents a robust homooligomeric self-assembly system based on RNA and DNA tiles that are folded from a single-strand of nucleic acid and assemble via a novel artificially designed branched kissing-loops (bKL) motif. By adjusting the geometry of individual tiles, we have constructed a total of 16 different structures that demonstrate our control over the curvature, torsion, and number of helices of assembled structures. Furthermore, bKL-based tiles can be assembled cotranscriptionally, and can be expressed in living bacterial cells.


CAREER: Programmable Artificial DNA Topology for Biological and Medical Applications

Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences

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Chaperone-Assisted RNA Crystallography

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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ERC grant (683305)

Collaborative Research: Molecular Programming Architectures, Abstractions, Algorithms, and Applications

Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering

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Asymmetric DNA Shapes for Orienting Molecular Components within Hybrid Nanodevices

Directorate for Engineering

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ONR grant (N00014-16-1-2159)


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