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BCL::Conf – Improved Open-Source Knowledge-Based Conformation Sampling using the Crystallographic Open Database

submitted on 06.04.2020, 05:30 and posted on 09.04.2020, 05:50 by Jeffrey Mendenhall, Benjamin Brown, Sandeepkumar Kothiwale, Jens Meiler
This paper describes recent improvements made to the BCL::Conf rotamer generation algorithm and comparison of its performance against other freely available and commercial conformer generation software. We demonstrate that BCL::Conf, with the use of rotamers derived from the COD, more effectively recovers crystallographic ligand-binding conformations seen in the PDB than other commercial and freely available software. BCL::Conf is now distributed with the COD-derived rotamer library, free for academic use. The BCL can be downloaded at bclcommons for Windows, Linux, or Apple operating systems.


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