Are Losartan and Imatinib Effective Against SARS-CoV2 Pathogenesis? a Pathophysiologic-Based in Silico Study

2020-05-11T09:18:21Z (GMT) by Reza Nejat Ahmad Shahir Sadr
COVID19 has spread all over the globe with ARDS as the most grave complicating factor in its mortality and morbidity. As there is not an effective anti-viral drug or an imminent vaccine against this virus we proposed a novel insight about cytokine storm-indiced ARDS in this disease and conducted an in silico study according to the pathophysiology of cytokine storm. We found that losartan and imatinib may break the life cycle of the virus to the degree that its affinity to ACE2 may decline, the function of papin-like protease disrupts, and the cytokine storm may subside, as well. This means that the death toll of the disease may decline sharply till a vaccine is produced in the near future. All the results should be validated in subclinical studies.