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Application of In Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy to Study Dilute Chromium Ions in a Molten Chloride Salt

submitted on 09.10.2019, 15:15 and posted on 15.10.2019, 09:19 by Jisue Moon, Carter Abney, Dmitriy Dolzhnikov, James M. Kurley, Kevin A. Beyer, Joshua Wright, Sheng Dai, Richard T. Mayes, Stephen S. Raiman
The local structure of dilute CrCl3 in a molten MgCl2:KCl salt was investigated by in situ x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) at temperatures from room temperature to 800oC. This constitutes the first experiment where dilute Cr speciation is explored in a molten chloride salt, ostensibly due to the compounding challenges arising from a low Cr concentration in a matrix of heavy absorbers at extreme temperatures. CrCl3 was confirmed to be the stable species between 200 and 500oC, while mobility of metal ions at higher temperature (>700oC) prevented confirmation of the local structure.


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Molten Salts in Extreme Environments EFRC, U.S. DOE, Office of Science, Basic Energy Sciences


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