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Analysis on Electrolytic Behavior of Aluminium Dodecaboride Alumina (AlB12Al2O3) Composite Ceramic Powder.pdf (583.66 kB)

Analysis on Electrolytic Behavior of Aluminium Dodecaboride/Alumina (AlB12/Al2O3) Composite Ceramic Powder

submitted on 20.02.2021, 17:52 and posted on 23.02.2021, 10:37 by Chao Wang, Berkley Yiu, Mengge Dong, Xiaozhou Cao, Xiangxin Xue
Although the excellent properties of borides have attracted the attention of the industry, their limited
preparation process and difficult-to-remove impurities have prevented them from exerting their full
effectiveness. However, it is very difficult to separate AlB12 and Al2O3 prepared by self-propagating high
temperature synthesis. This study is the first time to separate the two by electrolysis process and observe
their electrolytic behavior. The results show that Al2O3 is converted into micron-sized aluminum during the
electrolysis process, while AlB12 still exists intact. This result provides a novel idea for the future purification
of borides containing Al2O3 impurities


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