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An Organometallic Strategy for Assembling Atomically Precise Hybrid Nanomaterials

submitted on 07.09.2019, 23:38 and posted on 10.09.2019, 15:29 by Julia M. Stauber, Elaine A. Qian, Yanxiao Han, Arnold L. Rheingold, Petr Král, Daishi Fujita, Alexander Spokoyny
For decades, chemists have strived to mimic the intricate design and diverse functions of naturally occurring systems through the bioinspired synthesis of programmable inorganic nanomaterials. The development of thiol-capped gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) has driven advancement in this area; however, although versatile and readily accessible, hybrid AuNPs are rarely atomically precise, which limits control over their surface topology and therefore the study of complex structure-function relationships. Here, we present a bottom-up approach to the systematic assembly of atomically precise hybrid nanoclusters employing a strategy that mimics the synthetic ease with which thiol-capped AuNPs are normally constructed, while producing welldefined covalent nanoscale assemblies with diverse surface topologies. For the first time, using a structurally characterized cluster-based organometallic building block, we demonstrate the systematic synthesis of nanoclusters with multivalent binding capabilities to complex protein targets.


Atomically Precise Nanoparticles with Multivalent Capabilities

National Institute of General Medical Sciences

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