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A Versatile Protocol for Functionalization of Covalent Organic Frameworks via Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling

submitted on 13.09.2020, 05:54 and posted on 15.09.2020, 13:02 by Qiaobo Liao, Can Ke, Xin Huang, Dongni Wang, Qingwen Han, Yifan Zhang, Yiying Zhang, Kai Xi
Post-synthetic modification (PSM) is a prevalent and powerful strategy to introduce desired functionalities into covalent organic frameworks (COFs) for functional products, expediting their applications vastly. Herein, we demonstrate a PSM strategy for functionalizing brominated COFs via the well-developed Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling. By this protocol, a variety of functionalities were installed into COFs efficiently, while the crystallinity and porosity of COFs retained well. As a proof-of-concept, BrCOF-2 was modified with trifluoromethyl groups to produce a SF6 adsorbent with remarkably enhanced properties. This facile and versatile approach opens a new door for the synthesis of functional COFs, and greatly expands the scope of their structural design aiming for various properties and applications.


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