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A Simple Theoretical Analysis of the Burn-out Times of an Isothermal Particle of Coal Char Under Air-Firing, Gasification and Oxyfuel Combustion in Fluidised Beds

revised on 24.04.2021, 01:49 and posted on 26.04.2021, 08:00 by Toyin Omojola

Coal combustion in air, gasification with carbon dioxide, and oxyfuel combustion in oxygen/carbon dioxide mixtures was studied at high process temperatures in a bubbling fluidised bed reactor where burning is controlled by external mass transfer conditions. Theoretical analysis of the burn-out times of an isothermal particle of coal char in air is provided for the case where a fraction of carbon monoxide is oxidized close to the char particle. Burn-out time equations are provided for the gasification of char in carbon dioxide. Both burn-out time equations are compared to analytical equations derived for the oxy-fuel combustion of char particles in oxygen/carbon dioxide mixtures. The results are particularly relevant for retrofitting existing bubbling fluidised bed reactors for clean energy generation to meet global warming targets.


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