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A Simple Approach to Bulk Bioinspired Tough Ceramics

submitted on 13.03.2020, 09:37 and posted on 13.03.2020, 13:16 by Hassan Saad, Kaoutar Radi, Thierry Douillard, David Jauffres, Christophe Martin, Sylvain Deville
The development of damage-resistant structural materials that can withstand harsh environments is a major issue in materials science and engineering. Bioinspired brick-and-mortar designs have recently demonstrated a range of interesting mechanical properties in proof-of-concept studies. However, reproducibility and scalability issues associated with the actual processing routes have impeded further developments and industrialization of such materials. Here we demonstrate a simple approach based on uniaxial pressing and field assisted sintering of commercially available raw materials to process bioinspired ceramic/ceramic composites of larger thickness than previous approaches, with a sample thickness up to 1 cm. The ceramic composite retains the strength typical of dense alumina (430 ± 30 MPa) while keeping the excellent damage resistance demonstrated previously at the millimeter scale with a crack initiation toughness of 6.6 MPa.m 1/2 and fracture toughness up to 17.6 MPa.m 1/2. These results validate the potential of these all-ceramic composites, previously demonstrated at lab scale only, and could enable their optimization, scale-up, and industrialization.


Bioinspired Structural Ceramic Composite – BICuIT

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