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A rapid and efficient autoclave pre-treatment to extract iodine-129 from urine samples for AMS analysis.pdf (1.26 MB)

A Rapid and Efficient Autoclave Pre-Treatment to Extract Iodine-129 from Urine Samples for AMS Analysis

submitted on 27.11.2020, 15:55 and posted on 30.11.2020, 09:14 by Fahad Alotaibi, Matthew N. Herod, R. Jack Cornett

A new method was developed to extract 129I from urine samples and then measure it by AMS. The samples were pre-treated in an autoclave with hydrogen peroxide to remove unwanted compounds from the urine samples and were acidified with nitric acid, followed by precipitation of iodine as silver iodide (AgI) for measurement by AMS. This new procedure is substantially faster than previous methods for the extraction of iodine from urine and results in less chemical waste. The efficiency and reproducibility of this method were evaluated by using 125I as a yield tracer, eventually giving a recovery above 99%. To achieve this, several iterations of the method were required. The method was then successfully applied to measure 129I/127I isotopic ratios and 129I concentrations in 25 human urine samples. The AMS results for 129I in urine ranged 3.3 x 106 atoms/L to 884 x 106 atoms/L and the isotope ratio (129I/127I) in human urine ranged from 7.38 x 10-12 to 3.97 x 10-10 with a median of 1.29 x 10-10. This new method will be useful for investigations into the sources of iodine in the human diet and their relative importance for iodine sufficiency.


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