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Furse et al. 2021 31P lipidomics pipeline_manuscript.docx (1.83 MB)

A Pipeline for Making 31P NMR Accessible for Small- and Large-Scale Lipidomics Studies

submitted on 18.02.2021, 10:46 and posted on 19.02.2021, 06:37 by Samuel Furse, Huw Williams, Adam Watkins, Samuel Virtue, Antonio Vidal-Puig, Marika Charalambous, Albert Koulman
Detailed molecular analysis is of increasing importance in research into the regulation of biochemical pathways, organismal growth and disease. Lipidomics in particular is increasingly sought after as it provides insight into molecular species involved in energy storage, signalling and fundamental cellular structures. This has led to the use of a range of tools and techniques to acquire lipidomics data. 31P NMR for lipidomics offers well-resolved head group/lipid class analysis, structural data that can be used to inform and strengthen interpretation of mass spectrometry data and part of structural determination a priori. In the present study, we codify the use of 31P NMR for lipidomics to make the technique more accessible to new users and more useful for a wider range of studies. We describe the process from sample extraction to data processing and analysis. This pipeline is important because it allows greater thoroughness in lipidomics studies and increases scope for answering scientific questions about lipid systems.


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