A One-Pot Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of (2S,4R)-4-Methylproline Enables the First Total Synthesis of Antiviral Lipopeptide Cavinafungin B

2018-06-04T22:21:11Z (GMT) by Christian R. Zwick III Hans Renata
We report an efficient ten-step synthesis of antiviral natural product cavinafungin B in 37% overall yield. By leveraging a one-pot chemoenzymatic synthesis of (2S,4R)-4-methylproline and oxazolidine-tethered (Rink-Boc-ATG-resin) SPPS methodology, the assembly of our molecular target could be conducted in an efficient manner.This general strategy could prove amenable to the construction of other natural and unnatural linear lipopeptides. The value of incorporating biocatalytic steps in complex molecule synthesis is highlighted by this work.