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A New Perspective for Litholysis? Influence of Amines on the Solubility of Kindney Stones in Vitro

submitted on 05.10.2020, 16:02 and posted on 06.10.2020, 09:13 by Bogdan Nataly, Volodymyr Bilobrov, Anatoliy Matviyenko
It was shown that amines increase the equilibrium solubility of uric acid kidney
stones substantially and stabilize the process of litholysis in due course. However, these amines compete with ammonium in salt formation. Imidazole and triethanolamine are stabilize of uric acid solubility when [NH 4+ ] < 20 mM, and piperazine promotes the dissolution of uric acid if [NH 4+ ] > 46 mM. In salt solutions simulating complete cationic composition of
human urine, solubility of uric acid is practically the same for the systems with imidazole and piperazine and it is some lower for triethanolamine containing system


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