A New Kinetic Model for Multicomponent Adsorption in Batch Systems

In many of kinetic studies on binary component adsorption, the kinetic models for unary component adsorption were used although binary adsorption process were more complex than unary ones. We proposed a new kinetic model for multicomponent adsorption in batch systems. This model, using the deactivation kinetics model(DKM) for the noncatalytic heterogeneous reaction, is represented by a set of simultaneous ordinary differential equations, the characteristic is to calculate the concentration of adsorbates and the overall deactivation degree of the adsorbent with time together. The multicomponent adsorption kinetic model was solved with ODE function of MATLAB and the kinetic parameters were estimated by the nonlinear least squares fitting. The results of nonlinear fitting to the previous experimental data show that the proposed kinetic model can be useful for kinetics modeling of multicomponent adsorption in batch systems.