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A Method for the Highly Accurate Quantification of Gas Streams by On-Line Chromatography

submitted on 08.03.2020, 11:18 and posted on 09.03.2020, 13:07 by Víctor Stivenson Sandoval-Bohorquez, Edwing Alexander Velasco-Rozo, Víctor Gabriel Baldovino Medrano
This paper presents a method for the quantification of gas streams from reactive systems using on-line gas chromatography. The method is based on the mathematical development of correlations between the quantities detected by a set comprised of a thermal conductivity detector, a methanizer, and a flame ionization detector. The method allows for a complete and physically meaningful quantification of the composition of gas streams.


This work was funded by Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarbu-ros -ANH- and Minciencias, Colombia within the frame of the Project, 1102-721-50962: “Desarrollo de alternativas catalíticas para la reducción y valorización de emisiones de gases de efecto invernadero típicas de pozos y refine-rías petroleras por combustión catalítica de VOCs y trans-formación de CO2 y CH4 en gas de síntesis”.


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