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A Mechanochemical Model for the Simulation of Molecules and Molecular Crystals Under Hydrostatic Pressure

submitted on 10.08.2020, 10:15 and posted on 11.08.2020, 04:59 by Tim Stauch

A novel mechanochemical method for the simulation of molecules and molecular crystals under hydrostatic pressure, the eXtended Hydrostatic Compression Force Field (X-HCFF) approach, is introduced. In contrast to comparable methods, the desired pressure can be adjusted non-iteratively and molecules of general shape retain chemically reasonable geometries even at high pressures. The implementation of the X-HCFF approach is straightforward and the computational cost is practically the same as for a regular geometry optimization. Pressure can be applied by using any desired electronic structure method for which a nuclear gradient is available. The results of X-HCFF for pressure-dependent intramolecular structural changes in the investigated molecules and molecular crystals as well as a simple pressure-induced dimerization reaction are chemically intuitive and fall within the range of other established computational methods. Experimental spectroscopic data of a molecular crystal under pressure are reproduced accurately.


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