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1H NMR Spectrum: A Team-Based Tabletop Game for Molecular Structure Elucidation

revised on 31.10.2020, 05:29 and posted on 02.11.2020, 11:22 by Zachary Thammavongsy, Michael A. Morris, Renee Link
The 1H NMR Spectrum game, the first example of a team-based tabletop game focused on elucidating the structures of organic small molecules using 1H NMR spectra, was developed and deployed in a college level organic chemistry lecture course and laboratory course. The tabletop game was designed as a collaborative and competitive group activity to encourage multiple rounds of play to help students reinforce their 1H NMR spectra interpretation skills. While playing in either team-based or free-for-all mode, students analyzed the provided chemical shifts, splitting patterns, integrations, and molecular formula within a designated time limit to correctly deduce the structure associated with the 1H NMR spectrum. After playing the game, students in a lecture course and a laboratory course self-reported that they felt more comfortable solving 1H NMR spectroscopy questions, found the game to be an appealing study aid, and were able to complete multiple rounds of play to strengthen their skills in interpreting 1H NMR spectra. The 1H NMR Spectrum tabletop game may serve as an engaging and competitive group learning tool to supplement teaching on 1H NMR spectroscopy.


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