Tropoelastin-Inspired, Non-Ionic, Self-Coacervating Polyesters as Strong Underwater Adhesives

Inspired from the one-component self-coacervation of tropoelastin and mussel foot protein-3s, we created the first non-ionic, single component coacervates that can coacervate in a all ranges of pH (acidic to basic) and wide range of ionic strengths with degradability, rapid curing and strong underwater adhesion. In contrast to the complex coacervates, these ‘charge-free’ coacervates are potential candidates as tissue adhesives and sealants, adhesives for sensor attachment to wet skin, and as sprayable adhesives. Their potential use in the clinic arises from their enhanced stability to changes in external conditions, cytocompatibility, biodegradability and modular nature in incorporating various functional groups and crosslinkers.