Triazolinedione bearing gels

2020-03-04T13:24:42Z (GMT) by Saltuk Hanay
Triazolinediones (TADs) have been extensively used for the modification and crosslinking of polymers. However, there have not been any report on TAD bearing gels so far except an inorganic silica gel on which TAD is immobilized via ionic bonding. Here, I report a simple, scalable and general strategy to synthesize gels that contains covalently bonded TAD groups, starting from commercially available poly(hexamethylene diisocyanate). The covalently bonded TAD-gel platform could find many different applications such as the fabrication of hybrid materials, chemo-sensing, and scavenging excess reagents. In this work, potential scavenging application for TAD-gels were demonstrated with three different compound furan, aniline and limonene. Moreover, 1naphthol was selectively and completely removed from its mixture with 2-naphthol. The strategy developed here enables the preparation of poly(urea) and poly(ureathane) based novel materials via ultrafast modification at TAD moieties.