Thermal Decomposition of the HXeCl···H2O Complex in Solid Xenon: Experimental Characterization of the Two-body Decomposition Channel

The thermal decomposition process of HXeCl···H2O in solid Xe is studied, and HCl···H2O is identified as a decomposition product. The production is due to the two-body (2B) decomposition of HXeCl moiety, in agreement with theoretical predictions. Two types of 2B decomposition paths are predicted: catalytic and unimolecular 2B decompositions, where water molecule plays different roles. In an experiment to selectively produce HXeCl···D2O, only HCl···D2O is observed as a thermal decomposition product, indicating the occurrence of unimolecular 2B decomposition, where water molecule serves as a spectator. The activation energy for this decomposition process is experimentally determined to be 15 kJ mol−1.